By - Emily Rhodes

Writing helppaper writer

The text must be made in accordance with the requirements of a particular academic institution. The correct design of the work is not only necessary in itself, but also significantly transforms the written-off text. Each educational and scientific institution may have its own quite original requirements for the form of a written work. However, there are universal requirements. The requirements for reports, abstracts and control are minimal. But with diploma papers, course papers and dissertations – things are more complicated.

In general, all academic texts are printed, according to the corresponding standard, in two intervals, 1800 characters per page, including spaces and punctuation marks.

Teachers are very annoyed with typos, as well as stylistic errors.

The structure of the work must be clear and justified, so that there is a kind of logic to solve the problem. In the course of the presentation, try not to contradict yourself, not to make peremptory and generally too harsh statements, and not to allow gross grammatical or factual errors.

The quality of paper and printing greatly affects the impression of work. It’s hard to believe, but one paper writer ¬†was given an excellent grade for coursework only because he printed it on a laser printer in beautiful print and on glossy paper.

Most of the works (except for a part of the control and abstracts) should begin with the title page. The title page should contain the name of the academic institution, the name of the faculty where the student is studying, the name of the department presented by the instructor who gave the job, the name of the discipline on which the teacher’s work, name, initials and academic titles, student’s name and initials, group number , to which it belongs, the name of the city in which the academic institution is located, and also the year of writing of this work.

Wherever a title page is needed, as a rule, the table of contents of the subsequent text is also necessary. Practically always the academic text should consist of the Introduction, the main part and the Conclusion. The main part, as a rule, is divided into two or three parts. Each of these parts, in turn, should be divided into two or three subsections. More fractional division is not recommended.

It is desirable that the table of contents be placed on one page. For this, it is printed not in two, as the whole text, but after one and a half intervals.