By - Emily Rhodes

Dissertation writing service

Any dissertation, written by the student, should include the following important features:

An author should carry out a scientific study personally.

Scientific results, which were received after the research, should be shown;

Structure and language of your dissertation should be official.

The researcher should propose innovative solutions. It must be must be clearly argued, correlated with scientific work on similar topics and adapted to the realities of the modern social world.

The author of the dissertation should put new decisions forward; it should be based on the conclusions acquired from the sources of data considered by the understudy.

The results of student’s research should be publicly protected.

The very first thing you have to start with is to read literature related to your work. You may spend weeks or even months to do it, so you ought to start in advance.

The review of the literature related to the topic demonstrates a thorough acquaintance of the student with specialized literature. It shows his ability to systematize sources, critically examine them. It shows if he is able to highlight the essential information, to evaluate previous achievements by the other researchers. He should determine the main thing in the current state of studying the topic.

The materials of such a review should be systematized in a certain logical connection. In addition to a brief review in the introduction, a more complete survey of the literature can be committed to a different section of the principal part of the dissertation. Normally it is the primary page of the dissertation.

Required components of the presentation are the meanings of the protest and the subject of your dissertation. A question is a procedure or phenomenon that creates a problematic situation.

The object and subject of research as categories of the scientific process are correlated as general and particular.

In the sections of the main part of the dissertation, you have to write about the history of the issue, the methodology and technique of the study should be discussed in details.

I wish these little recommendations will help you to get your doctor’s degree.