By - Emily Rhodes

Successful Essay Writing: Conclusion

Among a number of important elements of essay there is one, clearly the most important one – the conclusion.  In essence, the success of the entire essay depends on the successful and well-written conclusion.

So, how to complete your work and make a convincing and successful conclusions ?

-Summarize the results of your ideas. Think about how to talk about the main positions expanded, but do it briefly. Answer questions such as “Is the question  answered?” “What questions are left unanswered?”, “Is the meaning and purpose of the topic revealed?” and so on.

Remember, that your arguments should bring the reader to a natural, logical conclusion. In a sense, you repeat the statement from the main part in your final paragraph, helping the reader to recall the basic provisions of your essay.

The last sentence is of a great importance too in the conclusion.  If your title and the first paragraph compel the reader to read the entire work, then your last sentence makes the reader remember you.

Also, a very important element in the completion of work is a preview. Wait a day or two and re-read your work. Review your essay several days before the expiration date so that you have time to go back and look at it to make it polished. Check the text several times at sufficient intervals – this will allow you to carefully read and fix  mistakes.

Next – you have to check your statements. Look for context-related errors. Check the logic of evidence. Make sure you know how to use the apostrophe correctly. Look for common punctuation errors. Check the sentences, commas and terms in quotations, as well as the spelling of the dash, the colon.

Remember that even if your essay’s content is great – grammatical mistakes will spoil your image.